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garden trellis Mystic Trellis, Bozeman, Montana sculptural trellis
Our lighted steel landscape trellis

Graceful steel trellis designs for outdoor & indoor gardens

Our solid welded steel trellis designs come in standard (100") and large (120") sizes with or without a UL approved light fixture. The metal surfaces, including the cast iron pinnacle, are left untreated to allow for a natural oxidation process and a rustic appearance.
steel trellis models
  • No assembly required
  • Solid welded steel construction for years of trouble free service
  • Lighted units are UL approved
  • Each unit comes with a cast bronze Mystic Trellis nameplate
  • Both indoor and outdoor models can be lighted or unlighted
  • Indoor models come with a removable base on non-marring rubber casters
  • Untreated surface may be painted
  • View a slideshow of our welcoming and unique trellis here.

Custom fabrication orders are accepted!
Phone: (406) 587-0310

Trellis model with non-marring wheels for your patio or indoor garden!

The Mystic Trellis cast emblem Indoor trellis on rubber casters Detail of trellis on rubber casters
Our indoor trellis model has non-marring rubber casters for ease of movement around the home or office. The removable base holds a plant container of your choice.

The indoor trellis models come in standard (100") and large (120") sizes. They can also be fitted with a light, doubling as a lamp - a unique addition to your home decor. The ceramic planters are removable and large enough to support any vining plant. Imagine a bright pink bougainvillaea climbing this trellis!

A cast bronze Mystic Trellis emblem adorns every trellis design!
Mountain Man has attended to every detail in construction of the trellis designs offered. Should you have a design alteration and want to customize the trellis to suit your needs, call Mountain Man to discuss the details.

Mystic Trellis by Mountain Man
720 Front Street   •   Bozeman, Montana 59715
Phone: (406) 587-0310  •  Fax: (406) 585-5513

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