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Mystic Karma Kiosk

Built to the durable and aesthetic standards of our traditional Mystic Trellis products, the Mystic Karma Kiosk is a home or office decorator's answer for a pleasing and unusual complement to both interior and exterior design requirements, providing an attractive and highly versatile platform for the display of favored plants, family and business heirlooms, or a myriad of other applications.

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    The Mystic Karma Kiosk, measuring a full five feet tall and 15.5 inches in diameter, is constructed of heavy 3/16" thick welded flat steel, consisting of six vertical supports, 3 circular support bands, and is capped with our distinctive kiosk headpiece. Designed for both caster (6 included) or bolt mounting, it is available in untreated, rustic muratic acid bath, or powder black spray finishes; in both unlighted and lighted versions (exterior UL safety rated-see specifics under our lighted Mystic Trellis web page).


Custom fabrication orders are accepted!
Phone: (406) 587-0310

Kiosk model with non-marring wheels for your patio or indoor garden!

The Mystic Trellis cast emblem Kiosk shelf system on rubber casters Detail of Kiosk on rubber casters
Optional accessories for the Mystic Karma Kiosk include: (1) welded drop-clip steel circular support shelves (attaches inside kiosk to circular support bands), and (2) a central-mounting hanging pot support rod with attachments.

The Mystic Karma Kiosk, when used singly or in pairs, will provide unique support for true kiosk-style signage and banner advertising. Sign magnets, eyelet stringers or mounting brackets for this purpose should be available to you through your local hardware store or custom fabricator, depending upon your needs.

Mystic Karma Kiosks will bring your home, garden, or office alive! The truly mystical quality of these artistic sculptures will inspire your botanical and display creativity-and draw conversation from even the most pragmatic of visitors.

Mystic Trellis by Mountain Man
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