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garden trellis Mystic Trellis, Bozeman, Montana sculptural trellis
Our lighted steel landscape trellis

Steel trellis sculpture doubles as landscape, garden and entry light!

Light up your landscape design, garden, entry or street with our UL approved lighted trellis sculpture. The unique cast iron pinnacle contains the outdoor light fixture, casting light downward, a requirement for many municipal lighting codes.
lighted trellis model
Lighted trellis models come completely fabricated - no assembly required. The electrical wiring is enclosed in PVC case and metal conduit which is attached to the inside of the vertical flat bar.

Changing bulbs is easy! Just remove the cast iron pinnacle.

See more photos of our welcoming and unique outdoor lighting here.

Custom fabrication orders are accepted!
Phone: (406) 587-0310

Mystic Trellis by Mountain Man
720 Front Street   •   Bozeman, Montana 59715
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